The Necessary Teacher Training College works in cooperation with One World University in Mozambique and offers a 4-year teacher training programme ending with Bachelor in Pedagogy. Here, you can find descriptions of the subjects of the curriculum and here, an overview of ECTS points here.

Curriculum of a non-traditional bachelor programme

The academic subjects, paired with the dynamic periods of the DNS teacher training, constitute the back bone and foundation of the teacher training programme. Thus, DNS offers a non-traditional bachelor of pedagogy.
One World University has developed a list of subjects, also called "anchor themes" which fits the practical and experienced based reality of the DNS programme. Practice, theory, experiences, community and outreach are rolled into one in these 20 subjects, including two specialisations. At the end of the fourth year, students write a bachelor monograph - or thesis.

Original and creative

The subjects of the teacher training programme all qualify as unique - some would say strange - but definitely original and creatively composed areas of study, born out of vivid imagination and solid knowledge of the world and the human condition.
Together, these subjects tell the story of the teacher training programme at DNS. Since they are closely connected to each of the periods of the programme, they also support the learning processes by connecting practice and theory.
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