Am I eligible to join DNS?

o Are you 18 years or above?
o Do you hold a passport of an EU member country, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland?
o Have you completed 12 years of school? (Do you have A' level, matura, abitur, bac, HF, lukio or equivalent?)
o If you had taken heavy drugs or extensively used cannabis, have you been clean for at least 18 months?
o Basic conversational level English skills?
If you can answer "YES" to all the above, you are eligible for DNS.

If your answer is "NO", but you still would like to be part of our community maybe these can help:

o Under 18 years old? Or no high school/12 years of basic education diploma? You can consider joining our neighbour school at the campus, PTG International Youth College. PTG stands for Practical Theoretical Basic Education and is a non-traditional boarding school for young people aged 16+. There are scholarship opportunities at PTG, and you can also take HF exams which would qualify you to join DNS later. Quite a few DNS students have attended PTG prior to joining DNS.

PS: For Non-EU citizens we apologize, DNS is an independent and private institution in Denmark. Therefore we cannot provide a study visa or any other kind of support regarding the Danish residency for the applicants outside of EU (except for Norway and Switzerland).

Be aware of the following requirement if you don't hold an EU passport:
It is possible but a bit complicated. you need to find out if you fit these criteria:
-You need to be able to work in Denmark (needed for the saving up period)
-You need to be able to register in Denmark or have an insurance
-You need to be able to stay in Denmark for the duration of the programme.
-We cannot give out a study visa by any exception.
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