Saving Up Pre-Course · A solution for you?

During the four years of teacher training at the DNS College, students earn and spend money together, since they have a shared economy on their team. To start the education programme, each student must contribute the tuition fee to the shared economy. If students are not able to come up with the full amount - they have the opportunity to join our Saving Up Pre-Course, where they will be able to earn the money together, as a team.

What kind of jobs can I get?

Depending on your skills and previous experience - and the needs the employers. The teacher at the Saving Up Pre-Course will work with you to find a good position. Here are some examples of jobs DNS'ers have had in the last few years:
o driver
o care worker / assistant at care home
o building / construction work
o cooking / cleaning
o farm work / gardening
o English

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